Phoenix Firearms Training

Firearms Training and Personal Defense

We are currently offering training by appointment only. Please contact us and we will create your desired training course to fit your schedule.

We are professionals in defensive firearms training. We offer a variety of training courses for individuals, groups, corporate event building needs, and custom tailored packages. These courses range for an individual who just purchased a firearm, law enforcement, military personnel, and everything in between.

Students learn how the body reacts naturally when faced with a threat and use this knowledge to be more effective and efficient with a firearm. We know through empirical evidence found in dash camera videos, store surveillance cameras, and footage from conflicts abroad how the body reacts to threat stimulus. Knowing how the body reacts and using that knowledge when reacting to a threat is a powerful advantage in personal defense. It is applicable to all skill levels making it the most advantageous thing about how and what we teach.

Our training is not just another firearms class, but rather world class training methodologies which are constantly evolving. We use the most current science, logic, and reasoning in the industry to help keep you safe. Our mission is to ensure that you are better trained and prepared than any threat you may face.

We can bring our training to you or you can come to the World Class Ben Avery Shooting Facilitywhere most of our class are held. Learn more about Ben Avery Shooting Facility and directions. 



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