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Dynamic CCW

            Are you ready for a CCW class that is not teaching stone age marksmanship fundamentals but rather the body’s natural reaction during a life and death encounter?  We are professional firearms instructor’s teaching real world people to be safe and defend themselves and their loved ones. Concealed carry permit courses are primarily educational, not defensive firearms training.  Ask yourself why are you getting your concealed carry permit?  Is it for the educational aspect or do you want to learn how to use your firearm for a defensive shooting situation?  Education is great and we encourage all types of safe firearms education and applaud those who take the steps to receive their CCW.  The vast majority of citizens seeking a CCW or concealed weapons permit believe after taking such a course they will be ready to carry concealed and will have the tools necessary to defend themselves.  For some this may be true, for the majority, this unfortunately is not true.  

           Don't take us wrong, obtaining a CCW permit is nothing but positive.  Just understand what it is and is not. The reason most people carry concealed is for personal protection.  So, if that is the intent, does it not make sense for one to learn how to use their firearm competently and confidently while in context for that “just in case” worst case scenario? Our course incorporates both the educational and defensive firearms training aspect students deserve.   We are also students and attend countless hours of professional level training classes annually. The educational material and class content comes from real world and real life empirical evidence. Phoenix Firearms Training is affiliated with the most trusted names in the firearms training industry like the National Rifle Association, I.C.E. Training, United States Concealed Carry Association, Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, Personal Defense Network and other national organizations. These affiliations are a tremendous resource for education, training, and personal defense knowledge so you will NOT see a 2 to 4 hour class listed on our website. We personally find it irresponsible to believe a student could be given the information, training, and knowledge to safely and confidently carry a handgun for personal protection in 2 to 4 hours.

         If you are looking for professional, competent, and highly trained instructors teaching you how best to defend yourself or the life of someone you love, we have the training you need. Our students are not just students; they are responsible citizens helping to keep us all safe. When you are finished with one of our courses, we continue to keep you informed and educated. We make ourselves available to our students to answer questions, provide firearms coaching, and discounts on other courses.  Not all training is good training, make sure you are getting the training you need and deserve.  Having your fingerprints done is included in the course fee.  The Arizona Department of Public Safety fee is $60.00 in addition to our course fee which you send to DPS with the packet we provide.

  Course: $125.00 Includes range fees, range supplies, fingerprinting ($30 value)