Fundamentals Of Modern Defensive Shooting 

The Fundamentals of Modern Defensive Shooting is a one day course that will expose the student to all the core principles and fundamentals of the Combat Focus Shooting program.  This will be a busy intense day of training.  This course is for anyone looking to learn more about personal defense with a firearm ranging from the very new firearm owner to the experienced.


This course will cover:
The basics of intuitive defensive shooting
Combat Accuracy
The Balance of Speed & Precision
Introduction to the understanding the body’s natural reactions during a dynamic critical incident
Understanding the integration of lateral motion
The critical incident reload
Realistic training for multiple target engagement
The skill development cycle
One handed and weak handed shooting
Additional concepts as time allows.

This course will provide the student with an understanding of true counter ambush training with a defensive firearm, defensive shooting skills and a training methodology for continuing to develop those skills.

If you have or carry a firearm for personal defense this course will awaken you to to the realities of an ambush.  We define an ambush or dynamic critical incident as something that is surprising, chaotic, and threatening.  It is surprising because you had absolutely no idea something bad was going to happen.  Checking out at a store or walking down the sidewalk and suddenly the bad guy takes you by surprise.  Next, it is chaotic.  You have absolutely no idea what will happen next.  It is threatening.  Where the use of lethal force would be justified to protect you or someone else.

This is what the Fundamentals of Modern Defensive Shooting is all about.  Preparing you how to react and respond for the worst case scenario.  It is the pinnacle of defensive firearms instruction with world class training methodologies. 

You will need 500-600 rounds, pistol with at least 3 magazines, and a sturdy holster.

Course: $ 200

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