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  Perimeter Defense Rifle 
Grant Cunningham 
Phoenix Firearms Training is proud to host Grant Cunningham and his acclaimed Perimeter Defensive Rifle

Perimeter Defense Rifle by Grant Cunningham

Maybe you’ve been to a close-quarters (CQB) carbine class and learned how to use your rifle for threats at distances inside your home. That’s not all a defensive rifle or carbine is good for, however — and Perimeter Defense Rifle is the class to take you to the next level!
The rifle’s strength is its ability to project increased power to increased levels of precision at increased distance. If you live in the country, or perhaps even at the edge of town, you might be called upon to deal with all kinds of threats — both two-legged and four — at distances beyond those of a handgun. Perimeter Defense Rifle teaches you how to do that!
There are a lot of threats in the country that you won’t see in an urban environment, nor will you learn to deal with in an “urban rifle” course. If you have kids or livestock you’ll need to know how to defend them against predators of all kinds, and the rifle is a great tool to do so!
Whether you have an AR-15 or a lever-action deer rifle, Perimeter Defense Rifle will teach you how to use it to defend yourself, your loved ones and your home from attacks that happen outside of handgun range. 
You’ll learn how to control the power that the rifle can deliver; how to shoot quickly even at distance; how to handle it efficiently; how to get it into action from its storage place; how to use your rifle’s sights to best advantage; ammunition choices; accessorizing with an eye toward self defense; alternative and replacement sighting systems; moving rapidly with the rifle to gain an advantage on the threat; shooting to plausible defensive distances, and why that changes with the threat; targeting your threat efficiently; and much more.
This course is perfect for anyone who has a rifle or carbine for home defense and wants to learn to use it to the plausible limits of capability. Whether you have a pistol-caliber lever action or a .308 bullpup, this is the course you need to take to become a truly well-rounded defensive rifle shooter!


  • Demonstrated safe gun handling
  • Basic understanding of how your rifle functions (loading, unloading, etc.)


  • Centerfire rifle (rimfires are not suitable for this course)
  • 300 rounds of ammunition
  • At least (2) magazines (if your rifle has detachable magazines)
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather (we do not cancel classes on account of rain!)
  • Beverages (water, juice, sports drinks; at least (1) quart/liter per day, more in hot weather)
  • Lunch is strongly recommended
  • Note-taking items (notebook and pens/pencils)
  • Eye and ear protection (electronic hearing muffs are highly recommended)
  • Knee pads are recommended

Two Day Course – $400.00