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                                       Threat-Centered™ Revolver 
Grant Cunningham 
Phoenix Firearms Training is proud to host Grant Cunningham and his acclaimed Threat-Centered™ Revolver course. 

Threat-Centered Revolver by Grant Cunningham

Maybe you have a snubby revolver that you carry, or maybe you have a bigger revolver at home for defense of your family. Maybe a revolver is a backup for your primary gun. If any of these are true, this is the class to take to build your defensive revolver shooting skills!
Grant Cunningham literally wrote the books on the revolver: the Gun Digest Book Of The Revolver and Defensive Revolver Skills are modern classics on the use of the revolver, and Grant is coming to Phoenix to teach his Threat-Centered Revolver class!
This class, based on information in his books, is your chance to get training in using your wheelgun from someone who knows them inside and out. You’ll learn how to use your revolver in the most efficient ways to defend yourself and your loved ones.
Everything that Grant knows about the revolver and defensive shooting, from his multi-decade training and study, is distilled in this class. You’ll learn the all-important art of double action trigger control, how to reload the revolver most reliably, and even some one-hand manipulations to keep your revolver loaded and firing under the worst circumstances. You’ll learn how to shoot your snubby at distances and to levels of precision that most people think are impossible; how to properly carry spare ammunition; and how to handle that heavy double-action trigger even when forced to shoot with one hand.
Of course none of that would be useful without understanding how those skills should be used, so Grant works them into his Threat-Centered training philosophy: learning skills that take advantage of your natural threat responses, the built-in ways in which humans deal with lethal attacks. You’ll also learn fundamental skills in rapid decision making, threat discrimination, and much more.
When you finish Threat-Centered Revolver you’ll truly be better prepared to handle a lethal threat with your “wheelgun”!


  • Demonstrated safe gun handling
  • Basic understanding of how your revolver functions (loading, unloading, etc.)


  • Your centerfire revolver
  • A holster which does not collapse when the gun is drawn
  • 500 rounds of ammunition
  • At least (2) speedloaders or SpeedStrips ™ (more is better)
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather (we do not cancel classes on account of rain!)
  • Beverages (water, juice, sports drinks; at least (1) quart/liter per day, more in hot weather)
  • Lunch is strongly recommended
  • Note-taking items (notebook and pens/pencils)
  • Eye and ear protection (electronic hearing muffs are highly recommended)

Two Day Course – $400.00