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Many students ask if they should go out and practice shooting prior to taking a class and we advocate they do not because we want them to be exercising their minds and muscles in context to defensive shooting. What we teach is important, but how we teach is just as important.

We strive to be the best at what we do through continuous education and insuring our students fully understand what we teach, why we teach it, and encourage discussion about fundamental and concept application. After completing a course from Phoenix Firearms training you will have the experience and the ability to safely make a 360 degree presentation from the holster on a square range. 

​Students will learn, through the Modern Defensive Shooting program, how the body reacts naturally when faced with a threat and use that knowledge to be more effective and efficient with a firearm. We know through empirical evidence found in dash camera videos, convenience store surveillance cameras, and footage from conflicts abroad how the body reacts to threat stimulus. Knowing how the body reacts when threatened and using that knowledge when reacting to a threat is a powerful advantage in personal defense. The most advantageous thing about how and what we teach is that it is applicable to all skill levels. By the middle of the class, the seasoned shooter or law enforcement officers cannot easily be distinguished from someone who purchased their first firearm a week ago.

What We Teach

We teach modern defensive firearms training. The key to personal defense with firearms is the ability to recognize a threat as soon as possible and react appropriately, using the environment and tools available to defend yourself or others. We teach individuals like you to be a greater threat to an assailant than the assailant is to you.